Client Testimonials

Sani Systems helped us prepare for opening after a major construction project. We were given a turn-key operation and were ready to serve our customers the next morning. We could not have done it without them!
Director of Corporate Food Service Operation
We called Sani Systems after receiving a violation from the Fire Department. They responded quickly and their technicians cleaned our hood system thoroughly. We avoided a penalty and now have them clean every quarter as required.
New Restaurant Owner
Our contract with Sani Systems requires them to clean our filters weekly. Our hotel kitchen is active and room service area is a 24/7 operation. Their technicians work well with our staff and are efficient and dependable – we can always count on them!
Director of Engineering – Large Hotel Chain
I got in touch with Sani-Systems when I started to notice how filthy the grease traps and other equipment looked in our kitchen. The company we used in the past made the equipment go from absolutely filthy, to just dirty. Sani-Systems made sure all the equipment was squeaky clean and ready for use.
We have had so many problems with our hoods and air ducts. The smoke ridden air in the kitchen really affected all of our food service employees. Thanks to Sani-Systems this is a thing of the past. Our kitchen is an enjoyable place to work again.
Sani-Systems has always been there for us. They are a long time vendor of ours and we haven’t even considered switching companies. They are so accommodating to our needs in terms of rescheduling, emergencies, extra services etc. We are very thankful to have such a long and great relationship with this company.