Hood & Duct Cleaning | Exhaust Maintenance

We are certified by the New York City Fire and a member of the NFPA. We are also authorized by the NY/NJ Port Authority as being a Women/Minority owned enterprise.

Regular Hood and Duct cleaning is an important defense against fires in your establishment. Properly maintained systems reduce the likelihood of fires spreading throughout the kitchen.

In addition, a properly maintained system results in improved health standards, enhanced sanitary image, improved ventilation for customer comfort, compliance with fire and health codes, and increased energy savings.

Access Doors need to be installed every 10 feet and at every change of direction in the duct. They should also be fire rated and have proper signage at each opening that reads “ACCESS PANELS-DO NOT OBSTRUCT”. Access door in ductwork are essential for maximum cleaning access in helping to provide a safe and grease-free environment.

The FDNY under code 115 and 115-01 requires that all Hood and Duct Cleaners hold a Certificate of Fitness. Cleaning services are required quarterly in NYC and semi-annually for all state faculties.

As a FDNY certified hood cleaning company, we can help. Not only will we clean your system but inspect and certify that you are in code compliance for the Fire and Board of Health inspection.

Consistent maintenance of your kitchen exhaust systems remains one of the most important defenses against fire hazards. Our professional process involves cleaning all components and ductwork in the kitchen exhaust system. Also, by cleaning the entire system, we are able to inspect for possible system blockage while visually verifying that the louver and dampers are working properly.

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